Gas Central Heating Boilers

Combination boilers tend to be the cheapest to install as they don’t require hot water cylinders or tanks in the loft.

Gas central heating is the most common type of heating system in use in the UK today. Gas is generally one of the cheaper fuels and emits less carbon dioxide than most other fuels; with the exception of wood.

Gas boilers have improved greatly in efficiency in recent years, and since 2005 most boilers fitted in the UK have been energy efficient condensing boilers.

Gas can be used to provide heat for the central heating system and the domestic hot water system and can be used in conjunction with renewable energy systems such as solar power, underfloor heating, and ground source heat pumps.

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Central Heating Thermostats

The temperature of the water circulating through the radiators in your home is controlled by the thermostat in your boiler.Lady adjusting the

Central heating is the most common type of heating system in the UK because it is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat a home.

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Central Heating Timers

Control the times your central heating is on or off with a timer.

According to the National Energy Foundation, around two thirds of households in the UK do not have the level of control over their heating systems that would meet current regulations if they were installed today.

This means that something like 60% of us are wasting energy unnecessarily and paying more than we should on our energy bills.

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Central Heating Programmers

The times that both heating and hot water are on can be controlled by a central heating programmer.

Over half of the average UK household’s energy consumption is for heating and hot water. With the cost of energy rising every year, it is important for all of us to take whatever measures possible to reduce our energy usage to save money.

Central heating in general is one of the most energy efficient and cost-effective types of heating system, and the use of a programmer can make it all the more efficient by controlling the times that both heating and hot water are on.

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Central Heating Radiators

The right size radiator should be chosen for each room to ensure it can be adequately heated.

One of the best ways to save energy, improve the efficiency of your home, and reduce your carbon emissions is to install a central heating system. To have a full system fitted into your property is likely to cost a few thousand pounds, and involves a fair amount of upheaval during the installation process.

Depending on which type of fuel, and which type of system you use, you may need a storage tank to be fitted somewhere on the property; you might have to have a water tank put in the loft, and a new indirect hot water cylinder fitted. A boiler will need to be fitted, and the pipe work will need to be laid around the house to each of the radiators.

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Central Heating Boilers

There are various fuels and boilers suitable for powering central heating.

Soaring energy prices in the UK, and the cost of heating in particular, are raising awareness amongst home-owners of the need to make their homes more efficient to reduce energy consumption.

Central heating and hot water heating account for well over half the money a typical household spends on energy, and therefore it is essential to have an efficient heating system.

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Central Heating

Electric Central Heating

Electric boilers are silent in operation, and do not require an annual service, which does help to offset potential higher running costs.

Central heating is one of the most energy efficient and effective ways to heat a home, and along with insulation, is one of the best …

Oil Central Heating

Using an efficient condensing boiler, makes them an acceptable alternative to gas

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Gas Central Heating

A single boiler burns gas and the heat is passed through a heat exchanger to heat the water for the central heating.

Gas central heating is the most common type of heating system in use in the UK today. Gas is generally one of the cheaper fuels …

Central Heating Supplies

Electric Central Heating Boilers

Electric boilers can operate with standard radiators and also heat water.

The most common fuel used to power central heating in the UK is mains gas, but with over four million households not connected to the …

Central Heating Pumps

Pump for central heating

The pump is an integral part of a central heating system, circulating the hot water through the network of pipes and to the radiators. An …

Central Heating Pipes

It pays to give consideration to the pipe work within the central heating system.

If you are planning to install a central heating system, or you are replacing large parts of an existing system, the benefits you can expect …

Central Heating Care

Central Heating Pump Speed Setting

Grundfos Central Heating Pump with black face and white writing showing speed settings available.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best speed setting for your central heating pump, then you’re not alone. It’s one of the most frequently …

How to Drain a Central Heating System

If you are familiar with your system, you may de able to do some of the work yourself

Problems with central heating systems are generally rare, but there are occasions when repairs need to be carried out, which may involve draining the entire …

How to Find Central Heating Engineers

To ensure central heating is installed properly, it's important to find an efficient installer.

Heating bills account for over half the money spent on energy in the average UK household. An efficient central heating system will save money annually …